Artwork Fundraiser

There have always been two passions at the heart of the Pablo family: a passion for local and pan-African art and a passion for people.

In this time of global crisis and uncertainty, the fact that nothing matters more than people is starker than ever before. It’s for this reason that Pablo House and Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar have decided to raffle off some of our much-loved art to raise money to continue supporting our team.

Enter for your chance to own some of Africa’s finest art and help support our staff!

In addition to the exquisite works by Fausto Becatti and Gavin Cohen that we have decided to part with, the artists themselves have  – with incredible generosity – donated additional pieces to support our fundraising initiative.

We have long been fans of Becatti and Cohen, whose work has been featured prominently at both Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar and Pablo House over the years.

How it works:

Have a look at the options below and select the artwork on which you want to bid. Place your bids by buying a ticket for R300 or R500 (depending on the piece) by 30 April 2020 at 6PM

Tickets are limited to 50 per work; the raffle will not take place on any piece until a minimum of 50 tickets have been purchased.

See full T’s and C’s below*

The Art

Fausto Becatti

Fausto, much like his artistic namesake, is intensely passionate & has always known he wanted to make visuals. From first watching Pulp Fiction at his friend’s mom’s house at a far too young age, to selling DVDs of his high-school-film back to the students, working as a video-store clerk to getting his BA in the film school at the University of Cape Town. 

Fausto is obsessed with the way an image can evoke a powerful mood or emotion. His photography has seen him build up a formidable portfolio of stills – exhibited and sold in galleries and showcased online, shooting campaigns for Coca-Cola, Edgars & Nike.

Fausto is strongly devoted to diversity, he’s an advocate of & embodies individuals of all backgrounds and skin colours from both the mainstream and the under-represented, which casts a unique dynamic to his body of work.



‘Text & Drive’




Gavin Cohen

Born 1983 in south Africa, Gavin was drawn to the arts from as early as he had enough coordination to hold a crayon and realised his passion to create all things art at age 9 while feeling his way through songs he had heard on his grand father’s piano.

this passion evolved into multiple disciplines of the arts including – drama, voice, music, design, art direction, photography, sculpture and fine art.

Gavin, throughout his professional career as a designer, has kept art as a private playground for self expression. Over the years his secret collection has amassed to volumes of works that flow through a multitude of mediums across a wide range of surfaces, screens and canvases.

 “The Hand of Hello/Goodbye” | “Manu Ciao”


‘Don’t forget to eat your pills’




Norman Catherine

Norman Catherine was born in 1949 in East London, South Africa. He attended the EL Technical College Art School from 1967-1968 where he completed an art matric. Other than these 2 years at the Tech, he is for the most part self-taught. He works in various media including painting, sculpture, mixed media, printmaking, wall hangings and bronze and has been an influence on many younger artists.
Catherine’s art imbibes a dystopian vision of the socio-political landscape that informs his psyche. History, horror, crime, conflict, psychoses, politics & pathologies serve as stimuli for his creative output that vacillates between the macabre and the comic, between a gasp and a giggle. There are no easy classifications for the genre of his work suffice to say that he rebels against any dogma or rigid definition.

‘Birds of a feather’


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The t’s and c’s

)))Competition Rules to stand a chance of winning Artwork

These rules (together with any official competition communications) will govern and apply to the competition. 

Please take a moment to review these rules. By your participation, you agree that these rules will govern all aspects of your relationship with the competition and competition-related agents, and the Promoter. 

These rules can only be modified (or superseded) by Promoter (in its reasonable discretion) in a written revision to these rules posted on the competition website or (at Promoter’s sole discretion) any other potential official competition communication methods reasonably calculated to reach a majority of potential participants. 


1 The competition is conducted by Promoter. 

2 No person who is a director or direct employee is eligible to participate or enter this competition. 

3 This competition is only open to all nationals, for winners outside the Republic of South Africa, shipping fees will apply. 


1) The competition runs from 25 APRIL 2020 to 30 APRIL 2020). No late entries will be accepted.

2) To enter the competition participants need to log onto https://love365.pablohouse.co.za and purchase a  raffle ticket. 

3) A person may enter as many times as they like. 

4) The winner will be randomly chosen via a certified method of selection. 

5) No responsibility will be accepted for entries lost, delayed or damaged in transmission. 

6) A minimum of 40 must be purchased in order for the raffle to proceed. In the event that the raffle is unable to proceed, the purchaser of the raffle ticket will have the option of a refund or may agree that the raffle be postponed until such time as the minimum number of entries has been reached. 

7) Promoter is not responsible for any damaged prize items after signature of receipt. 

8) The prize may be subject to additional terms and conditions that the prize winner must comply with. Prize winner selection 8. The prize winner will be the first entry drawn by lot or chance by the judges. 

9) The prize winners will be notified by telephone / e-mail within 7 calendar days of the prizes being drawn. 

10) The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

11) Income taxes relating to the prizes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the prize winners. 

12) The laws of the Republic of South Africa govern this competition. 

13) Promoter reserves the right to cancel or alter any aspect of the competition at any time at its sole discretion without liability.